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June 05, 2012

Being a father is a tough job. As a father in the military, there are numerous opportunities and times where being a father can be overwhelming. It can sometimes feel like the role of father is completely forgotten, which can lead to even more stress.

Probably the thing that causes me the most stress as a father is figuring out where, when, and how I can get the services that my son requires and then how to maintain those services.... Continue Reading

June 05, 2012

So this is fun.

Like millions of dads across our country, President Obama has said that being a father is the "most important job he has." From coaching basketball to helping with homework, the President cherishes the time he gets to spend with his two girls, even when life gets busy.

On June 15th at a screening of the movie Cars 2 for military fathers and families, President Obama is kicking off something called the year of... Continue Reading