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November 06, 2013

Fathers of infants and young children have a lot going on. Every day is filled with joy and new challenges. Sometimes the mere act of making sure your child survives from minute to minute can seem overwhelming. Just surviving the adventure of getting to the grocery store can feel like a win! Did you know that another win can be reading to your child?

Resident fathers who more frequently read books, tell stories, and play building toys... Continue Reading

September 06, 2013

As the father of an infant, you probably feel like something new is happening every day. Around 2-to 3-months old, your baby will be going through a lot of new firsts. As their nervous system and vision develops, infants begin to move and rollover. Socially they’ll begin to smile at people. They’ll start to turn toward sounds and coo, making sounds on their own. They’ll also start holding their heads up and begin to push up when lying on... Continue Reading

August 19, 2013

Being a father means a lifetime of not always knowing what to expect, and it all begins when you’re expecting. Will your baby be a boy or a girl? Tall or short? Will your baby have your nose, or your partner’s sense of humor? 

While there can be excitement in what is unknown, forward planning and being supportive of your partner during her pregnancy can help keep you feeling excited instead of overwhelmed.Working together can help... Continue Reading