DadTalk Blog: I got married with every intention of being an everyday dad…

I got married with every intention of being an everyday dad…

Recently we spent some time with a group of dads to hear their feedback about what motivates them to be the best father that they can be. What motivates them to “take time to be a dad today?” One dad, currently in the middle of a divorce, shared his heartfelt comment on how the lives as fathers are often different from how people imagine them:   “I got married,” he shared, “with every intention of being an everyday dad…”

Since the NRFC began in 2006, the Clearinghouse has encountered many, many dads who want to do what is right by their kids. For instance, fathers want teach their children the values and skills to become successful, happy adults. They want to support them emotionally, physically, and financially and to provide a stable and healthy environment in which they can grow. Fathers want to attend school plays, cheer at the big games, and witness the first steps (both literally and figuratively). Dads of every walk of life face challenges. provides useful resources, information, and connections to programs and other dads in order to help make those challenges a little more manageable. Accessing the site is a way to gain information on how dads and their kids can spend more quality time together.

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I got married with every intention of being an everyday dad…

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