Healthy You Buzzes in Alabama

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February 12, 2014

Barbershops in Dothan, Alabama have been buzzing with the news--stronger fathers build stronger communities. Spearheaded by Kris Doss with Healthy You, Inc., this Fall's Fatherhood Buzz brought four local barbershops together to facilitate a conversation between local dads on why staying healthy is so important. Over 175 people came into the four shops during the two-day event to talk and learn about the importance of fatherhood.

Barber and client, Healthy You, Inc.Supporting active fathers is one of the best ways to create a more vibrant and healthy community. When the father is present in the home, the mother can feel more supported. I have seen daughters often grow up with higher self-esteem and sons benefit from having a positive male role model. This multi-faceted effect on the family creates a better environment in the home and the community. But in order to be there for their families, fathers have to take care of themselves.

The culture of the barbershop lends itself to this type of conversation. Men of all ages spend the time chatting with their friends about a wide variety of topics. They often bring their sons with them, allowing the younger men to hear their fathers speak and learn from their example. It’s a great place to bring up the issues facing fathers today in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Barber and client, Healthy You Alabama

Two barbershops, DJ’s Classic Cuts and His and Hers Barber and Beauty, hosted the first events with about 100 people who discussed why dads matter. The second event nearly doubled in size, adding Squirt and Louie’s and Styles Unlimited to the participating shops. With such a positive response from both the Dothan community and local media, events like Fatherhood Buzz are set to bring change to the area. A third Fatherhood Buzz event is planned for early next year focusing on relationships between fathers and members of their family. 

The mission of Healthy You, Inc. is to enhance quality of life for citizens of Alabama through educational health initiatives and public awareness campaigns teaching personal responsibility when making lifestyle choices. This project is funded in part by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Administration for Children and Families,

Laura Stakelum is Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for Healthy You Inc.

To find out more about upcoming Fatherhood Buzz efforts and ways to join - visit For Programs - Fatherhood Buzz