DadTalk Blog: Get ready to get covered

Get ready to get covered

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. November is “Movember” and “No-Shave-November” to raise awareness about men’s health issues.

Observances like these are excellent reminders of the importance of actively paying attention to our health, and the benefits that prevention, healthy habits, and regular doctors visits can have in early identification and treatment of these, and other, major health concerns for ourselves and for those that we love.

It also serves as a good reminder that health insurance Open Enrollment season is about to begin (typically during November). If you and your family are covered by an employer plan, keep an eye on company emails or mailing, or call your HR department about what changes may be coming. Most plans will let you continue your coverage without taking action, but may be tweaking options or adding new ones. Taking a few hours to compare the plans and evaluate your needs could save you hundreds of dollars in 2016. Many insurance plans and employers have online tools to help. The same is true if enrolled in your health plan under your state or federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

Learn more about healthy habits by visiting our Men’s Health Buzz 2013 tips for more healthy eating tips, where to find ideas on fun physical activities, links to find local community health center, and more.

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Get ready to get covered

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