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March 30, 2015

Ed. Note: This highlight is from a series entitled Highlights from the Field: Office of Family Assistance Programs at Work for American Families from the Office of Family Assistance Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Technical Assistance Project. Watch the original posting here.

The Dibble Institute

This highlight from the field is a video interview with staff and participants from The Dibble Institute, a Healthy... Continue Reading

March 23, 2015

“Being bullied is not a rite of passage,” said David Miller, NRFC Social Media Manager and Urban Leadership Institute Co-Founder. “We, as fathers, need to regularly demonstrate to our children that all people are to be treated with respect.” The December 2014 NRFC Webinar, How can fathers address bullying issues with their children?, provided concrete ways to recognize if a child is being bullied and how fathers can help prevent or end... Continue Reading

March 09, 2015

Ed. note: This blog originally appeared in the ACF Family Room Blog. Read the original post here.

What kinds of services, programs, and activities can assist fathers and their families as they move from prison back to the community? Grantees working with ex-prisoners provide insights as to how to deliver services to these men.

Our recent report from the Urban Institute provides findings from early implementation activities of... Continue Reading

March 02, 2015

Watching the benefits of a successful program partnership can be empowering. Knowing that working together benefits everyone involved is one thing, but witnessing different groups come together to achieve those goals is something special. While in Los Angeles, the NRFC team had the opportunity to take part in two very special events where the power of partnerships was on display.

This two-part series will feature the programs we were... Continue Reading

February 23, 2015

To borrow from the British pop group The Beatles, we all get by with a little help from our friends. Fatherhood programs call them partners. Whatever the name, we are all stronger when we come together.

This January, the NRFC team had the opportunity to spend three days in Los Angeles seeing exceptional examples of what can happen for our communities and families when we partner and work together.

This two-part series will... Continue Reading

February 05, 2015

Ed. Note: This blog post was originally posted on the ACF Family Room Blog (see the original post here) as well as in the NRFC DadTalk blog in June 2013.

If you are in need of health insurance coverage, visit HealthCare.Gov by February 15, 2015 to learn more about options and enroll in coverage for 2015.

Although one generally doesn’t think of being a dad or a dad-to-be as a health issue, there’s no question that it is. Just... Continue Reading

August 18, 2014

Do you need publicity or foot traffic for your fatherhood program, barbershop, or other community organization that serves families and dads? There’s a great opportunity coming up for you.

All year long, community organizations, program providers, and local businesses have been benefiting from supporting the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse’s Fatherhood Buzz outreach program. Here are a few major ways programs and local... Continue Reading

August 04, 2014

Ed. Note: This highlight is part of a series entitled Highlights from the Field: Office of Family Assistance Programs at Work for American Families. Read the original posting here.

The Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Technical Assistance Team, in coordination with OFA, produced a series of videos containing participant interviews and scenes from facilitator-led sessions chronicling the positive changes associated with... Continue Reading

July 28, 2014

Parenting is filled with challenges. When parents live apart, these challenges can seem to grow, but the NRFC Hotline offers a resource and potential solution to parents when challenges arise. When they work together they can improve their situation and build healthy, happy homes for their children.

Below is a story about “Roberto” and “Roslyn” – two parents who were able to improve their situation with the help of the NRFC Hotline... Continue Reading

July 21, 2014

Ed. Note: This post originally appeared on the Department of Labor (Work in Progress) Blog on July 15, 2014. Read the original post here.

Photo: Top: Daniel Murphy speaks at a White House event on working fathers. Bottom: Murphy at work. (Photo Credit: New York Daily News)

Tonight, New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy will participate in Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game – proof positive that you can perform peerlessly... Continue Reading