DadTalk Blog: DadTalk QuickTips: Milestones at Every Turn

DadTalk QuickTips: Milestones at Every Turn

As the father of an infant, you probably feel like something new is happening every day. Around 2-to 3-months old, your baby will be going through a lot of new firsts. As their nervous system and vision develops, infants begin to move and rollover. Socially they’ll begin to smile at people. They’ll start to turn toward sounds and coo, making sounds on their own. They’ll also start holding their heads up and begin to push up when lying on their tummy.

Father holding invantFathers can be helpful during each and every stage of an infant’s development. There has been growing literature examining fathers’ involvement over the past several decades and three months is a delicate and critical time for father involvement.

Research has found that the more fathers participated in bathing, feeding, diapering, and other routines of physical care, the more socially responsive the babies were. Additionally, a year later these babies seemed more resilient in stressful situations.

Positive Parenting Tips from the CDC provides information throughout your child’s development. Staying current with what your child’s developmental milestones are and will be is important in helping them reach those stages, as well as identify if there are times where you should be reaching out for extra support. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Spend time cuddling and holding your baby. This will help him feel cared for and secure.
  • Answer when your baby makes sounds by repeating the sounds and adding words. This will help him learn to use language.
  • Play with your baby when she’s alert and relaxed. Watch your baby closely for signs of being tired or fussy so that she can take a break from playing.

What have been some of your favorite milestones during your child’s first few months? The first smile? A great copycat cooing sound?  Share with us and other dads on Facebook and Twitter, #fatherhoodgov

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DadTalk QuickTips: Milestones at Every Turn

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