DadTalk Blog: DadTalk Quick Tips: Childproofing your Home

DadTalk Quick Tips: Childproofing your Home

There is somebody in your home that removed your video game controller from a drawer on your entertainment system, and is slobbering over it as you read this article. It was so much easier two months ago. When he couldn’t crawl and depended on you for his every move. When she couldn’t stand on her own two feet and wouldn’t start tearing the pages out of your signed Larry Bird memoir on your coffee table. That’s right.

Your bundle of joy has officially become an out-of-the-bundle full-time job.

Child-proofing your home can be quite the task, especially if you’ve lived years without small children in your home. Here are some tips to keep your little ones, as well as some of your prized possessions, safe in your home:

Place Hazardous Materials In Out of Reach Areas
Our favorite place to keep dish detergents, surface cleaners and air fresheners are under the kitchen sink. As much as this is convenient for you, it’s even more convenient for your child. Place these items in a higher cabinet, closet, or in a wall corner on a higher surface.

Block Off or Place Child Locks On Lower Storage Areas
That may be the only storage room you have available. And your significant other probably won’t be a fan of reorganizing the entire kitchen. Start with child gates. Block off areas of the house you foresee an accident happening with your child, for example the kitchen, or at the top of the stairs. If a child gate cannot fit the entrance for the area, place child locks on your cabinets, drawers, and other accessible storage areas. These are fairly inexpensive items and can be found in most large retail department stores that carry home good and child products.

Beware of Falling Objects
Those books look great on the bookshelf. And you may have not read them in ages, but your baby would love to. Smaller children love to climb on items that exceed their height. And when climbing isn’t an option, shaking and pulling methods may be used just to create the timber effect. Have your bookshelf secured to the wall it sits against. Place items you want out of reach on higher shelves such as entertainment systems. If your unit has lower storage areas, use a child lock. If the TV sits on top of the unit, ensure that it is out of reach and cannot fall as a result of shaking as well. One option, should you have a flat screen TV, is wall mounting the TV. It’s not necessary, but another precautionary measure you can take to keep your child safe.

Other Items To Keep In Mind
Chairs, floor lamps, standing plants - we shouldn’t have to discard these items just because we’re parents. But pay extra attention to your child around them. These can easily be pulled over and land on the child, or just make an unnecessary mess. When possible, gate guard these areas. Lastly, close doors to rooms you don’t want your child in. Bathrooms, offices or anywhere else you don’t want that out of the bundle full-time job at, seal it off.

Matt Crews is an Outreach Specialist with the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse and the father of a 1-year-old out of the bundle full-time job.

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DadTalk Quick Tips: Childproofing your Home

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