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April 09, 2018

Family strengthening is a topic that has always been a part of the Head Start vision, and the past two decades have seen a growing recognition of how important Dads are to this process. For example, take the 2017 Father/Male Engagement Appreciation Breakfast held by Union Baptist Head Start in Baltimore, Maryland. This event truly embodied the best practice of showing fathers they are needed and appreciated. It also served to uncover Dads’... Continue Reading

August 18, 2014

Do you need publicity or foot traffic for your fatherhood program, barbershop, or other community organization that serves families and dads? There’s a great opportunity coming up for you.

All year long, community organizations, program providers, and local businesses have been benefiting from supporting the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse’s Fatherhood Buzz outreach program. Here are a few major ways programs and local... Continue Reading

June 05, 2012

One of the most important and biggest lessons learned over the past five years working in the fatherhood field is that “You can’t do it by yourself.”Over the last decade or so, both synergy and energy have revived a renewed interest in looking at the issues facing Non-Custodial (mostly fathers) parents. The 2006 federal funding of Responsible Fatherhood programs did much to stimulate the capacity of the field to serve fathers. Because of it,... Continue Reading