DadTalk Blog: The Buzz around Fatherhood Buzz 2013

The Buzz around Fatherhood Buzz 2013

Fatherhood Buzz LogoThis Father's Day weekend, there was a "buzz" of excitement in the air the National Fatherhood Buzz Tour was in full swing. Thousands of fathers and their families came out to more than 140 barbershops in over 68 cities nationwide to get their haircut and receive tips, advice and information about local resources from local family of organizations and community partners.

Fatherhood Buzz is an effort to promote responsible fatherhood through one of the most trusted community resources for men: Barbershops. Visit almost any barbershop and you will immediately witness an intergenerational dialogue on a range of topics from sports to politics to family.

Houston Marriage Project, Fatherhood Buzz 2013Building on the success of the inaugural Fatherhood Buzz Outreach last year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services through the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse teamed with participating Office of Family Assistance (OFA) grantees, community partners, and barbershops across the country.  The goal: to provide fathers with key tips for spending quality time with their children and information encouraging, supporting and celebrating fathers.

Two such partners gave us quick updates on how Fatherhood Buzz went in Texas and Tennessee. 

Bridgette Jones of the Houston Marriage Project told our team that "Many fathers took the New Dad tips and the NRFC Call Center Information (877-4DAD-411) Cards on Saturday and loved what we were doing in the community to promote responsible fatherhood."

Richard Beaty, Responsible Fatherhood Director of TEAM DAD coordinated through Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority, spoke to our team about the success that their organization. “TEAM DAD, worked with Ledford's Barbershop in Morristown, TN.... There were fathers and sons who came the shop that day for a trim and asked learned some valuable advice about responsible fathering!"  Douglas-Cherokee Economic Authority Fatherhood Buzz 2013, Kirk & Jacob Dales

We will be sharing Fatherhood Buzz stories over the next several weeks via the DadTALK Blog as well as Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #fatherhoodbuzz. Stay tuned for those stories as well as find out how you can get involved in the next Fatherhood Buzz effort!

Edward Lawson is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse

Project Director
Nepperhan Community Center
Current as of July 2017: Edward serves as a project director for the Nepperhan Community Center in Yonkers, New York. As project director, he manages a $10 million five-year Healthy Marriage and... More about this author

The Buzz around Fatherhood Buzz 2013

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