DadTalk Blog: 5 Ways to Make Dad Smile on Father’s Day

5 Ways to Make Dad Smile on Father’s Day

What could be more important than putting a smile on the face of a hardworking, loving and deserving dad? This Father’s Day find ways to get your kids to make Dad smile, laugh and grin and show his teeth. Dads like to smile and laugh but sometimes it takes a little bit more to get Dad smiling. Here are five ideas on how kids can get Dad smiling this Father’s Day:

Surprise Him
Dads love surprises from their children and family. Do something unexpected that makes dad think, “how did you know to do that?”  Usually, dads are expecting traditional Father’s Day gifts, like ties, handkerchiefs and maybe a meal. Try something new and different to catch him off guard, like putting on his favorite song instead of yours, or have young kids volunteer to read dad a bedtime story.

Joke and Act Silly with Him
Some days can be silly days. Other days you have to work a little harder to help Dad loosen up. Tell Dad an unexpected joke (animals crossing the road and knock-knock jokes are always funny!). He might not realize you are telling jokes at first, which will surprise him and make him laugh!

Organize Dad’s Ties
Ties are a traditional Father’s Day gift. If your Dad wears ties, volunteer to put them in color order. He might ask why. It is a helpful way to save time in the morning, which could mean seeing each other a little more at breakfast. If Dad does not wear ties, help him put his t-shirts or shoes in order.

Make Something for Him
Take time to make Dad something for Father’s Day. It could be a card or a coffee, but showing you care through making something special is a sure way to get Dad smiling! You could make Dad breakfast, lunch or dinner any day, not just Father’s Day. This is something children of all ages can enjoy doing together (you can even get Mom in on the fun too).

Plan a Big Night Out – Even if You Cannot Go
Think about what you would like to do with Dad if money was no object. The most expensive restaurant in town that you think Dad would really like, or a weekend trip to a far-away beach because you know he loves the ocean. Share with Dad what you would give him to make him smile if you could. Showing that you are thinking about things that you can share fun times with Dad will make him smile!

Show Dad that you are taking time to think about what makes him happy and that you want to spend time together and you will definitely get him smiling! 

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