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Parents and families are facing new challenges, but one thing hasn’t changed: the importance of dads being involved in their children’s lives. The NRFC is proud to release a series of new PSAs that encourage fathers to show their “#Dadication” by making time for their kids, even when parenting isn’t easy.

Check out the #Dadication PSAs below which, depict the many ways fathers can show up for their children even when they are facing common stressors like financial burdens and busy schedules.


This video, titled, Harold, features a father who shares his commitment to his family and his mission to always make them proud.

DADication:  Howard

This video, titled, Howard, demonstrates the cultural and generational differences in expressing love..


This video demonstrates the love between a father and his child even through slammed doors and other displays of frustration.

DADication: Frank

This video, titled, Frank, features a father of two who shares his story of fatherhood.


This video, titled, Marvin, features a father who shares his story of parenting his son.


This video, titled, Monster, features a father who finds an interesting way to strike a balances between work commitments and the need to be present for his daughter after she has a nightmare.

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