Dad Jokes

A celebration of the delightfully-terrible Dad Joke! These may not be great jokes but every time you share a good bad joke with your kids you are making a great moment. Did any of these make you and your kids laugh? Submit a new Joke or share with us and other dads on Twitter and Facebook @FatherhoodGov, and use #DadJokesRule! Para chistes en español

Did you hear about the world's greatest watch thief?
He stole all the time.

Why did the golf course hire the dermatologist?
It needed to have some moles removed.

Where do fancy cats go to the bathroom?
The glitter box.

Why do optimists have to wear sunglasses?
Because they're always looking on the bright side.

Have you heard about the sale at the Optimist Store?
Everything's 50% on.

Did you hear the one about the Ballerina Debate Team?
They always stay on point.

What's big and hairy and wears a bow tie?
Bigfoot at a fancy party.

Why did the pizza cutter get a speeding ticket?
Because he was rounding the corner too fast

If I asked you to choose your favorite feature, would you pick your nose?

What's the difference between the moon and a cheeseburger?
The moon is in the sky, a cheeseburger is in THIS guy. (Points to belly)