For Your Fathers

Each father has their own challenges. As a practitioner you may not know everything that is going on in the life of a family and your organization may not be equipped to fully deal with all these challenges, and that’s okay. You can be prepared with resources to help fathers connect with information and organizations that can address issues that may come up.

Understanding the needs of your fathers and the families in your community is critical. Often as a practitioner it can be easy to slip into thinking that you know what is needed. Make sure to take the time to listen to the families you serve. Ask them directly what they would like assistance with and listen for what they’re not telling you. Recognize needs as they arise and help prepare staff with how to deal with them. Establishing a network of services through partnerships and collaborations with other agencies in your community is a great way to make sure fathers and families get all the support they can. Building healthy families helps build healthy communities.

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