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As part of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse’s efforts to support the responsible fatherhood field the NRFC hosts a Webinar series. Originally directed toward the Office of Family Assistance-funded Responsible Fatherhood grantee programs, these Webinars focus on a range of programmatic topics, including working with specific populations, evaluation support, and program implementation tools. 
This section contains a selection of those Webinars. Each Webinar podcast is accompanied, when available, by supporting presentation materials, audio, and an audio transcript, and presented in reverse chronological order.

In This Section


  • Working with Dads: Resources and Support for Fathers of Children with Special Needs
  • Working with Dads: Encouraging and Supporting Father Involvement from Birth through Adolescence
  • Working with Child Support – Effective Strategies from Model State and Local Partnerships
  • The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse: Your Resource for Strengthening Fathers and Families in 2013


  • Fatherhood Buzz - Back to School Initiative: Effective Strategies for Increasing Father Involvement in Schools
  • Effective Strategies for Working with Fathers Returning from Prison
  • Achieving Economic Stability: Strategies for Successfully Connecting Dads to Jobs


  • Taking the Domestic Violence Conversation to the Community
  • Telling the Story: Documenting and Disseminating Stories of Program Success
  • Working with Dads: Parenting Skills Development


  • Integrating Healthy Marriage Skills in Responsible Fatherhood Programs
  • Working with Homeless Fathers: Lessons from the Field
  • Using Data Evaluation to Improve Program Performance and Outcomes
  • Beyond the Protocol: Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence Intervention


  • Using the Internet and Modern Media to Enhance Your Fatherhood Program
  • Helping Fathers Address Stepfamily and Multiple Partner Fertility Issues
  • Working with Dads Prenatally and Early Years: Encouraging Early Bonding and Addressing Health and Safety Issues
  • Responsible Fatherhood in the Context of Marriage: Promoting Healthy Marriage Activities with Couples or Single Fathers
  • Working with Fathers from Rural and Small Town Communities
  • Working with Fathers from the Hip-Hop Culture
  • Evaluation: Tips and Tools to Document and Impact Your Work with Fathers
  • Working with Fathers in Groups: Tips to Enhance Your Facilitation Skills
  • Helping Fathers Reconnect with their Families: Issues faced by fathers returning from military service and other fathers seeking to reconnect with their children and families


  • The Role of Fatherhood Programs in Addressing Domestic Violence
  • Working with Fathers of Special Needs Children
  • Co-Parenting: Helping Fathers and Mothers Work Together in the Best Interests of Their Children
  • Fatherhood and Marriage: What's the Connection?
  • Utilizing the NRFC Media Campaign and Working with Your Local Media
  • Promising Practices: Working with Teen Fathers
  • EITC: A Resource For Fathers & Families
  • Promising Practices: Funding & Collaboration Opportunities with Child Support Enforcement


  • Promising Practices: Working with Incarcerated Fathers
  • Promising Practices: Working with Low-Income Fathers
  • Program Evaluation: Essential Tips For Fatherhood Programs, Part I Follow-Up
  • Program Evaluation: Essential Tips For Fatherhood Programs, Part I
  • Promising Practices: Adopting, Implementing, and Replicating Fatherhood Curricula
  • Recruitment & Retention: Getting & Keeping Fathers Involved in Program Services
  • Developing A Responsible Fatherhood Marketing Campaign
  • Batterers Prevention & Intervention Services for Fatherhood Programs


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