NRFC Tips for Dads

Tip Card for Dads of Preschoolers (2019) (PDF)

This tip card offers guidance on ways in which dads can understand their preschooler, foster their child's development, and be involved in their preschooler's life.

Tip Card for Dads of Pre-Teens (2019) (PDF)

This tip card offers guidance dads can be supportive of and involved with their pre-teen children.

Tip Card for Dads of School Age Children (2019) (PDF)

This tip card offers dads guidance on how to support and encourage the growth and development of their school age children.

Tip Card for Dads of Toddlers (2018) (PDF)

This tip card provides guidance on how dads can support the cognitive, emotional, and social development of their toddlers.

Tip Card for New Dads (2018) (PDF)

This tip card offers new dads guidance on how to be involved in their child’s life from birth. 

Tip Card for Expectant Dads (2018) (PDF)

When dads are involved as supportive partners during pregnancy, it is good for their babies, good for moms, and good for dads. Find out more about how to be involved, be encouraging, and be there in this tip sheet.

The Benefits of Reading to Your Children (2016) (PDF)

Reading and telling stories to your children is not just good for them, it’s fun for dads too. It provides a positive way to stay involved in your children’s lives and creates memories to share with them as they get older.

Safety Tips for Dads

Accidents happen to everyone, but there are things we can do to make them happen less often and be less dangerous. To keep your children safe, the first step is to know how they are most likely to get hurt. Drawing on data from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, these tip sheets give information about the kinds of accidents that are the most common for children at different ages offers suggestions about what dads can do to help avoid these accidents.

Safety Tips for Dads to Keep Babies Safe (Infants Under 1 Year) (PDF)
Safety Tips for Dads to Keep Young Kids Safe (Ages 1 to 4 Years) (PDF)
Safety Tips for Dads to Keep School-Age Kids Safe (Ages 5 to 14 Years) (PDF)
Safety Tips for Dads to Keep Teens Safe (Ages 15 to 19 Years) (PDF)

Tips for Green Dads
Just as little gestures and quick compliments can have a tremendous positive influence on a child’s life, so too can small actions bring about a significant impact on household expenses and the environment we share with our children.

Small Steps Save Money and Our Environment 
Family-Friendly, Eco-Friendly Chores (PDF)

Take Time Tips
Get involved with your child in big ways and small. Take time to learn their favorite sports, to be active in their lives, to do the little things that may only take a minute. Those smallest moments can have the biggest impact on your child's life.

Football Fans Score Big with Their Kids 
Be a Get-Up-And-Go Dad (PDF)
Winter Wellness (PDF)

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