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The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) produces series of resources dedicated to furthering the work of fatherhood professionals, the research and information available to the fatherhood field, as well as providing resources to help fathers take time to be better dads. This section of the NRFC website highlights these resources.

These resources are available as PDFs. As a Federally-funded resource center all resources written by the NRFC are available for free. If you have issues accessing any NRFC Resources or have questions, contact us.

Spotlight on Dads

For fathers and families, these short articles help dads think about the ways their involvement affects the lives of their children.

NRFC Quick Statistics and Research Reviews

Written with researchers and program development in mind, NRFC Quick Statistics are brief research-based pieces focused on specific topics related to responsible fatherhood.

Responsible Fatherhood Spotlights

Responsible Fatherhood Spotlights are research-based, narrative pieces focused on specific topics related to responsible fatherhood.

Promising Practices

Promising Practice Reports are research-based compendiums examining issues faced by responsible fatherhood programs and determining where, if any, promising, emerging, and developing practices are occurring. Practice Briefs accompany each Report and highlight findings.

NRFC Tips for Dads

These tip sheets - including the Take Time Tips and Tips for Green Dads - are designed for dads to give quick and easy suggestions on ways you can get involved every day.

NRFC Tips for Professionals

NRFC Tips for Fatherhood Professionals are written specifically to support fatherhood professionals, focused on topics to help fatherhood programs operate more effectively.

NRFC State Profiles

These fact sheets highlight State programs and strategies to promote parenting and responsible fatherhood.


This section includes fact sheets and Research Reviews.



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