NRFC Quick Statistics

These brief research-based pieces focus on specific topics related to responsible fatherhood and include graphs, charts, and bullet points to illustrate the findings. Written with researchers and program development in mind, they can be useful resources for students, researchers, and proposal support.
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Quick Statistics: Fathers and Fertility (2017) 
Fathers and the Living Arrangements of Children Under 18 (2008)
Father Involvement (2008)
Nonresident Fathers (2008)
Incarcerated Fathers (2008)
Immigrant Fathers (2008)
Fathers and Child Support (2008)
Fathers and Alcohol Abuse (2007)
Fathers and Depression (2007)
Fathers and Marriage (2007)
Fathers and Cohabitation (2007)
Fathers and Fertility (2007)
Fathers: Attitudes, Values, Expectations, and Motivations (2007)

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