Getting Started

Getting starting with Responsible Fatherhood programs can come in many forms. You may start a curriculum-based program, integrate male involvement and responsible parenting into your service organization, or engage with the community through the Fatherhood Buzz initiative.

Depending on what your circumstances are, there are some tips, strategies, and research principles that can ensure that your program is as effective at working with fathers and families as it can be. This section is a starting point to enhance your program implementation.

From designing a program, to deciding who to work with, to evaluating if you are really changing the behaviors of the fathers in your program, program implementation is an ongoing process. Not only will the technical components of a program need to be considered, but staff development, establishing protocols for dealing with the many issues families face, and knowing where your services end and another agency's begin are all critical components. Use the resources throughout the For Programs section to help you help dads.

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