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The NRFC is a research and informational source, primarily for fatherhood programs and practitioners that are delivering services to fathers and their families. For resources and information to help fathers address individual concerns or situations, please visit our Fatherhood Program map to locate local resources in your area.

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No matter the reason for fathers not living with their children, it can be difficult to connect, and when they are together, to know what to do. If you can, encourage your fathers to try to make sure they contact their children every day. Ask them to text message an older child. Encourage them to call to talk their children and ask about the school day, what they had for lunch, or how their favorite sports teams did that day.

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Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Webinar
On August 5, 2010 the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (CSE) hosted a Webinar entitled “Child Support and Fatherhood – Making a Positive Connection.” The Webinar included presentation from two local models of successful child support and fatherhood program collaboration. Presentations were made by CSE Directors and Fatherhood Project Managers in Hennepin County/MN and Hamilton County/OH discussing collaborative approaches and lessons learned in providing a range of fatherhood and CSE services to help create positive opportunities to increase child support and build healthy families. Below are links to the materials that were covered during the Webinar.

Child Support Reports
Access past issues and sign up for regular email updates from the Federal Office of Child Support Child Support Reports. These monthly reports highlight new news, innovations, and partnerships in Child Support around the country.


Hispanic Child Support Resource Center
The Hispanic Child Support Resource Center (HCSRC) has information for programs supporting Hispanic families to connect them to child support services. HCSRC also has information on communication tools and techniques, partnership development, funding, and training for programs working in the Hispanic community.

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Child Support Enforcement – Find a Local Office

The Office of Child Support Enforcement (CSE) sounds like an intimidating and unfriendly place for a father – regardless of your custody situation. However, working with CSE on establishing and updating a support order when your situation changes, help establish paternity, and connect you with local resources.

Child Support Enforcement – Finding a Local Office
Local information, and current sources are critical in helping establish, change or maintain a child support order. Child Support is vital to helping provide your child with basic necessities, and can often help facilitate visitation. State and Federal Child Support information can be found.

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NRFC Resources

Spotlight on Dads
Spotlight on Dads help dads think about the ways their involvement affects the lives of their children. Each contains suggestions on books or movies that dads can use to learn more, and a page of discussion and thought provoking questions to further think about each issue.

  • Get Creative, Stay Connected (2009)
  • Back in Touch (2009)
  • Steps in The Right Direction (2009)

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