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Over the recent holiday season, the old adage “caring is sharing” often comes to mind. Sharing gifts. Sharing time with family and friends. Sharing food (perhaps a cookie or two). These are all...

The number of fathers in U.S. jails and prisons has increased four-fold since 1980.  Ninety-two percent of the more than 800,000 incarcerated parents in federal and state prisons are fathers. ...

Activity of the Week

Get in the Thanksgiving spirit with the "ABCs of Gratitude."

In this game from the Family Dinner Project, perfect for the Thanksgiving dinner table, each member of the family takes a turn naming something they're grateful for. The twist is that you have to go in alphabetical order! So if you start with "apples," the next person would continue with something beginning with a "B."

Dad Jokes

A man went to the doctor. He had a cucumber in one ear. A hot dog in the other ear. And two carrots stuck up his nose. He asked the doctor what was wrong with him and the doctor said, "I don't think you're eating properly".

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